At the moment I am developing a TV drama series with enhanced video (use of 2nd and 3rd screens) called “Archaeologies” which is based on the research question “What is the Artschool for?” and I am seeking funding to workshop this with actors and document this process of script development.  I am also continuing to research the Audio-Visual Essay, and trying to find further outlets for the showing of Echo.


As Director/Producer

Echo (2012). Writer/Director/Producer. Multi-screen interactive video drama (30 minutes). Screened publicly at the Riverfront November 1st – 12th 2012. (REF: Outcome 4)

Echo Website (2013) Documentation of installation and research project (REF: Outcome 4)

City Edge (1995) Director/Producer. Workshop Video. (30 minutes).

Augustine (1993) Writer/Director. Graduation Film, National Film and Television School. Forty minute psychoanalytical costume drama. Winner Special Jury Prize for Best Student Film, Houston International Film Festival. Screened at International Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, 1992, and Woman’s Film Fest, Norwich, 1992. Now part of curriculum on 2nd year BA(Hons) in Film Studies, “Psychoanalysis and Film” at UWE and on BFI Database.

A Bit of Protection (1990) Producer. Directed by Laura Sims. (National Film and Television School. Screened Twice on BBC2.

Facts of Life (1988) Assistant Director. Directed by Laura Sims, Produced and Written by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart.

Night Out (1986) Writer/Director/coProducer. Winner Ten Best Amateur Films. Making Better Movies Magazine. Best Story Award, International Amateur Cinematographer Competition.


Twenty Four Seven (1998). Assistant Editor. Directed by Shane Meadows. Cinematic Feature. BBC Scala Films.

Feast (1997) Co-editor. Produced by Chris Denham, Peter Edwards. Channel Four food programme.

Bengali Backlash (1997) Editor. Directed by Arun Kumar. Channel Four “Too Young, too Fast”.

Executions (1995) Editor. Directed by Arun Kumar. Feature Documentary. [DVD] Released by Quantum Leap.

True Stories: Maradona (1995). Assistant Editor. Directed by Marc de Beaufort. Produced by Central Television for Channel Four.

Someone Else’s America (1994). Assistant Editor. Directed by Goran Paskaljevic. A Film Four film.

Undercover Britain: The Child Business (1988) Co-editor. Directed by Brian Barr, Channel Four Documentary.



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Postgraduate Symposium on Point of View and Narration in Films, University of Kent. 2001. Organised and presented paper Unreliable Narration in The Sixth Sense.


Leicester University Film Research Department (2009)

UWIC Arts Research Group (2008)


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